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2020 Vermont Municipal Compensation and Benefits Report
Non-Respondent Member - 2020 VT Municipal Compensation & Benefits Report

Does it feel like you are in the dark when setting your payroll budget?
Shine a light on your work with the 2020 Vermont Municipal Compensation and Benefits Report. You'll find current payroll data along with important contextual information – provided by your helpful municipal peers across the state and organized by VLCT. Using this resource as you make decisions can help improve your recruitment and retention as well as your bottom line.

Members that answered the 2020 survey ("Respondents") will automatically receive digital access and one print copy of the report FOR FREE in October, so ordering here is only for extra prints. If your municipality is listed below, you might want to check first with the town clerk or a member of the governing body before ordering an extra here.

Non-respondents and non-members can pre-order now for delivery in mid-November. Each purchase includes one hard copy and access to digital downloads in both Excel and PDF formats.

Only members in the list below responded to the 2020 survey and may order a "Respondent" copy. All others must order as a Non-Respondent or Non-Member.