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VLCT Members - Options & Legal Requirements for Annual Audits

Session Recorded: November 17, 2021.

Bonus Materials! Members that purchase this recording will receive a free digital preview copy of the "VLCT Handbook for Elected Auditors."

Please note: The Zoom recordings for part II of the event: breakout sessions were corrupted. Information from the breakout sessions is captured in the slide decks and reference materials provided on the downloads page. Due to the error we are offering the recording for session one "Options & Legal Requirements for Annual Audits" along with reference materials for session two at the single session rate.

Webinar Description

Every year, towns must provide a financial audit report to the voters. By default, Vermont’s locally elected auditors are responsible for reviewing the accounts of their municipalities, but Vermont law offers options for towns to use professional services. Selectboards can – on their own or at the request of voters hire a licensed public accountant to perform an annual audit as a supplement to the elected auditor’s report; or voters can eliminate the elected auditor position entirely. This training will provide an overview of legal requirements and options, followed by two concurrent session for elected auditors responsible for the town's annual audit report and an overview of professional auditing services for selectboards  and decision makers.


Options & Legal Requirements for Annual Audits 

This session will provide an overview of the statutory options available to towns that want to use professional assistance in addition to or in lieu of elected auditors. The speaker will cover the basic legal requirements for the annual audit report based on who is performing the audit, as the report’s contents and distribution will vary and depend on who completes the work.  Presenter: Susan Senning, MAC Staff Attorney I 

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