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VLCT Members - Regulating Cannabis
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At town meeting this year, many municipalities voted on cannabis-related articles. Whether your town newly approved retail operations or might consider them in the future, this training orients you to what these operations entail.  During this session, representatives from the Vermont Cannabis Control Board reviewed the role of the CCB, the administrative rules regulating cannabis, and plans for the future. They described municipal authority to regulate cannabis establishments and how it relates to zoning bylaws, public nuisance issues, licensing, and local cannabis control commissions. 

Additional resources can be found by visiting the Vermont Cannabis Control Board's website: Home | Cannabis Control Board (

Recorded sessions reflect current applications of the law at the time of the recording.

Once you submit your order an invoice will be mailed to your organization. The downloadable materials, including the webinar recording and handouts from the session, will be emailed to you on receipt of payment. Please note: if you attended, or registered and paid for the live session, you have free unlimited access to these materials. Email us at if you need access restored to the session materials. This page will expire on December 31, 2022 unless changes to the laws and topics discussed in this training occur prior to this date, upon which, this training will be unpublished to reflect the most accurate information for our members. 

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