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Join us for our annual Town Meeting Tune-Up! Ed Chase, Westford Town Moderator will deconstruct the annual town meeting process step by step. Ed will explain the basic role and responsibilities of the moderator, and review the most common types of motions and amendments used at town meetings, pursuant to the newly printed 12th Edition Robert’s Rules of Order. Please scroll down for access to the latest downloadable version of Ruling the Unruly by Ed Chase and the Q&A document from this session. Access to our other town meeting resources and the informational hearing webinar can be found on the bottom of our Town Meeting home page. As always, if you have specific questions that are not answered by our resources, you can contact our member inquiry service at or 1-800-649-7915. Please note, call and email volume is currently very high. If you have an urgent question please contact your town attorney or note "urgent" in the subject line of your email.

Speaker: Edward Chase, Moderator, Town of Westford

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