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Strengthening Communities for the Future: VLCT’s Community and Economic Development Forum 

Local government and community leaders play a vital role in the creation of thriving local economies that generate local revenue, attract new residents, create jobs, and preserve the unique qualities of a town. VLCT is pleased to partner with the Vermont Regional Development Corporations and the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development to host an economic development forum on March 27 at the Burke Mountain Resort.

Our keynote speaker, Rebecca Sanborn Stone, is the Principal Engagement Specialist and Senior Planner for Community Workshop LLC based in Randolph, Vermont. Her expertise includes building community networks, communication strategies and creative placemaking. Five years ago, Rebecca helped launch Bethel University, an immensely successful “pop-up” university. She also helps shape community engagement during Richmond, Vermont’s town planning process. Rebecca will present tools and strategies to further local community goals and show attendees how to use these skills in their communities. 

The forum will feature stories about successful community development initiatives and detail the resources and techniques used to overcome challenges and achieve goals. For instance, the “One Burke” initiative revealed that the town needed to upgrade its wastewater system to support an increase in residents and growth in the skiing and mountain biking industry. It also helped to procure significant grant funding for infrastructure improvements. 

The forum provides ample opportunity for structured learning and networking. The plethora of agencies, associations, and resource groups exhibiting and attending make this an invaluable experience for anyone looking for new ideas, personal connections, or assistance with enhancing their local economies and achieving goals for the future. 

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