Important Municipal Calendar Corrections

Please note the VLCT 2014-2015 Municipal Calendar includes incorrect dates for five entries currently listed on March 3rd - view list of corrected dates here.

Get Ready for Town Meeting

See the Town Meeting 2015 Resources page for the latest information you need for a successful Town Meeting.

Vermont League of Cities and Towns Seeks an Executive Director

This is a unique opportunity to direct a highly respected municipal association located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. The Vermont League of Cities and Towns’ (VLCT) Board of Directors is seeking a dynamic leader to help develop its vision for the future of Vermont local government and the role VLCT will play in achieving that vision. 

The current Executive Director, who has announced his retirement effective July 10, 2015, is leaving a 33-year legacy of exceptional service in the position. The next leader will be expected to build on that success and create new and effective ways to serve and strengthen city and town government.

For a complete job description, salary information, and anticipated start date, please download the Executive Director Recruitment Brochure. The deadline to apply is Thursday, March 12, 2015.

Items of Note from Risk Management Services

Numero Uno

The website "Best Choice Reviews" does what its name implies: it ranks lots of stuff that you might not have previously wondered about. Current reviews include the Top Ten Remote Control Cars, the 50 Greatest Card Games and Board Games of All Time, the Top Five Espresso Makers, the 50 Best Small Downtowns in America – and the best American small downtown belongs to Montpelier, Vermont, home of, among other things, the Vermont League of Cities and Towns. The article points out that Montpelier "is full of both small town charm as well as big city amenities," and that "long time residents own many of the shops in the downtown area and the locals are proud of their small town fellowship." Of course, if you lived here, you’d already know that!

Weekly Legislative Reports

The February 20 Weekly Legislative Report is now posted here.

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Open Meeting Law Resources and Training

The legislature significantly amended Vermont’s Open Meeting Law in 2014. See the Open Meeting Law page for resources.

Universal Recycling Law

Act 148 institutes new requirements and deadlines for the municipal management of solid waste. Materials from our Jan. 28 Solid Waste Management Workshop can help bring you up to speed.

Fair and Impartial Policing Policy

Interested non-police individuals can read PACIF’s model Fair and Impartial Policing policy here. It satisfies the requirements of Act 193 (S.184) of the 2014 legislative session.

PACIF WorkStrong Wellness Consultations

This YouTube video gives a quick overview of one way we are helping PACIF members' employees get serious about wellness. Studies show that healthy workers are injured less often and recover more quickly than unhealthy ones. In each One-to-One Wellness Consultation, Heidi Joyce spends 30 minutes with a single employee to get a handle on his or her wellness status and develop customized strategies for improving. Members just need to schedule several consultations for a single day so Heidi can share her know-how and enthusiasm.