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Each Friday during the legislative session, VLCT Advocacy publishes a Weekly Legislative Report and archives it here for the duration of the biennium. PDF files of previous legislative sessions are available by contacting VLCT Advocacy.

Please also visit our two session-long lists of municipally relevant bills introduced in the House and in the Senate. We'll update them each week to help you follow bills as they wend their ways through the State House committees. These two webpages are in addition to the New Bills tables in our Weekly Legislative Reports.

Legislative Reports

This week, we cover a breadth of local government topics in the legislature, including possible assistance for small rural municipalities, telecommunications, clean water, elections laws, county sheriffs, and more. Make sure to read the Rural... Read more
This week, the WLR is focused on all things budget. Additionally, in response to the ongoing health concerns posed by COVID-19, the Governor signed Act 1 (H.42) on January 25, 2023. The Act contains temporary measures related to annual town meeting... Read more
This week, the Open Meeting Law and Town Meeting Day bill was sent to the governor's desk for his signature, the the governor gave his budget address, and the House Appropriations Committee heard about the Budget Adjustment bill, during which it... Read more
This week, legislative committees spent their time hearing introductions from agencies about their areas of jurisdiction, agency leadership and legislative contacts, and priorities for 2023.
Energy was high and enthusiasm palpable on Wednesday as the legislature convened under the golden dome for the 2023-2024 biennium, the first session since 2020 that is convening in person. We encourage all local government officials who are... Read more
This preview of Vermont's 2023 legislative session discusses the municipal priorities that we will promote as the new biennium begins: reducing restrictions on new housing, updating the Transportation Fund's revenue streams, reducing municipal... Read more
VLCT Public Policy and Advocacy staff represent all 246 cities and towns to the Vermont legislature and administration as well as to the federal government and interest groups. We initiate, track, and promote legislation that provides authority,... Read more
Today’s report, which may be the last regularly scheduled one of the session, focuses on H.740, a.k.a. the Big Bill. Elsewhere in the State House brings readers up to date (at least as of noon on Friday; things are changing faster than... Read more
April 15, 2022
Today’s report updates you on legislation concerning equity and inclusion, qualified immunity, idling and speeding, pupil weights, and transportation. Our Elsewhere in the State House section examines municipal charters, community... Read more
April 8, 2022
If you look far enough down the road, you can see what appears to be the end of the legislative session – though that might easily be a mid-May mirage. But look at today’s legislative report and you’ll see articles on pensions, tax... Read more
April 1, 2022
The topics of today’s report are housing development in Vermont, the transportation bill, the new Vermont Housing Assistance Program, and surface water withdrawals and river corridors. Elsewhere in the State House brings you up to date... Read more
March 25, 2022
Today’s articles are Mostly About Money, namely the Budget Bill (a.k.a. The Big Bill) and the Capital Bill. Elsewhere in the State House tracks legislation dealing with law enforcement accountability, miscellaneous municipal authority... Read more
March 18, 2022
Today, we write about federal earmarks secured by Vermont’s congressional delegation, recent Advocacy testimony on local option taxes, the education property tax, the transportation and municipal energy bills, and regional dispatch... Read more
March 11, 2022
Articles in today’s legislative report discuss pupil weighting and education funding, housing and Act 250, and qualified immunity. Elsewhere in the State House updates forestland and the Use Value Appraisal Program, the budget... Read more
February 25, 2022
Next week the legislature takes a break for Town Meeting, and we too will take a break from our Friday report. But this week, we report on proposed changes to public safety dispatching, an omnibus housing bill, municipal ordinance... Read more
February 18, 2022
Today’s report focuses on the $63M opioids settlement; education funding; the miscellaneous changes to municipal law in S.181; this year’s Transportation Bill; and, in our Elsewhere in the State House column, municipal charters,... Read more
February 11, 2022
In today’s report, we review rental housing, the budget adjustment bill, environmental justice for Vermonters, qualified immunity and police accountability, pupil weighting and education funding, and, in our Elsewhere in the State... Read more
February 4, 2022
Today’s report reports on qualified immunity legislation, accessory dwelling units, the budget adjustment act, proposed changes to how public safety dispatching occurs in Vermont, municipal land records, a proposition to the Vermont... Read more
January 28, 2022
Today’s articles highlight the water, housing, and economic development portions of Governor Scott’s budget; the illusion of local control in Vermont’s cannabis legislation; electronic public notice notifications and environmental... Read more
January 21, 2022
Today’s report focuses on Governor Scott’s budget address to the legislature, the transportation part of that budget, a bill that would help replace fossil fuel heating systems with renewable and efficient ones in municipal... Read more