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About the VLCT Equity Committee

The Equity Committee was charged with “…help(ing) create an action plan that outlines concrete ways that will actively promote equity and inclusion, both within the organization and with our members.”

VLCT’s mission is to serve and strengthen local governments. The Equity Committee helps us meet this mission by considering, evaluating, and recommending how VLCT should provide equity services to our members and how our organization itself can become a more anti-racist model employer and service provider. With the help of a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation, VLCT was able to hire an equity consultant to build a foundation for this work, providing organizational best practices, subject matter expertise, and recommendations on how to move forward.

The VLCT Equity Committee meets the third Monday of odd-numbered months – January, March, May, July, September, and November – at 12:00 PM. (If that Monday falls on a holiday, the meeting defaults to the next Tuesday). Details on how to attend can be found on the meeting’s agenda, posted at the link below about one week before the meeting.