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Vermont Municipal Data Project

The Municipal Finance Survey is currently open. If you are a municipal officer with finance responsibilities and have not yet started the survey for your municipality you can access it here. This survey will close on March 25, 2024.

Empowering Municipalities to Make Data-Driven Decisions

VLCT has created the Vermont Municipal Data Project to collect information about municipal operations and publish those findings and insights so our members can compare data, identify best practices, and strengthen their capacity.  

Why Participate in the Vermont Municipal Data Project? 

The Vermont Municipal Data Project will help:

  • Inform decisions about municipal operations, purchasing, ordinances, and policies 
  • Act as a comparison tool for finding commonalities and differences among municipalities 
  • Identify best practices and create efficiencies in municipal processes and planning 
  • Provide the training, resources, programs, and services municipalities need the most 
  • Serve as an important resource for partners and key stakeholders  
  • Act as a comprehensive database that VLCT staff can analyze to provide useful reports 
  • Promote and inform municipal interests during the legislative session
What to Expect  

The Vermont Municipal Data Project seeks input from key municipal staff in a series of six online surveys. To get the best data for you to use, we encourage everyone who receives a survey email to coordinate with colleagues to fill in all the information and forward the email as necessary to share the link.

Project Phases 





late February 

March 25, 2024

Annual Meeting 


early April



late April

Land Use 


late April 


early May 


Compensation and Benefits 

early June 

late July