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The VLCT Board of Directors created five legislative policy committees to develop recommendations for a legislative platform in each policy area in the ensuing session. Committee members meet with secretaries and commissioners of agencies from time to time to discuss strategy and the implementation of laws. VLCT Advocacy staff also rely upon committee members for advice and expertise on specific issues during the legislative session.

Each summer, these committees meet to draft their recommendations. The VLCT Board of Directors then reviews, amends as needed, and approves the recommendations. The entire draft municipal policy is then sent to the VLCT membership, who votes on it at the VLCT Annual Meeting in October. Members may propose further amendments to the draft policy in writing prior to the meeting or on the floor at the meeting. Each member city or town has one vote at the annual or special meeting. Upon member approval of the policy by majority vote of those present, the Board, at its next meeting, establishes municipal policy priorities from among the many adopted policy issues. Those priorities provide the focus for Advocacy staff and the Board going forward.

The Transportation Committee is responsible for: funding for municipal highway aid and water quality related to highways; communication among state, federal, and local officials on transportation issues; efficiency and effectiveness in transportation construction programs; trucks and oversized vehicles on municipal highways; policy related to rail.

Click here to view the Transportation Policy.

See below for more information on the committee and related policy issues.


Transportation Policy Committee Members

Committee Chair
Roland (Ted) Simmons
Selectboard Chair, Orwell Town

Committee Vice Chair
Kathleen Ramsay
Town Manager, Middlebury Town

Ex Officio
Jared Cadwell
Selectboard Chair, Fayston Town

Deborah Beckett
Town Clerk/Treasurer, Williston Town

Lawrence (Chris) Campany
Executive Director, Windham Regional Commission


Joe Colangelo
Town Manager, Shelburne Town

Dawn Francis
Town Manager, Colchester Town

John S. Haverstock
Town Manager, Pittsford Town

Richard McGuire
Town Manager, Williston Town

Philip Swanson
Municipal Manager, Woodstock Town

Stan Wilbur
Town Manager, Proctor Town

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