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Municipality Triviality April 2022

The tradition continues in the new all-digital format

Rob Gaiotti, Bevan Quinn, and Lisa Walker of Dorset, Guilford, and Stowe (anagram: Alfredo’s orotund widgets), respectively, knew that in 1810, James Wilson manufactured geographic globes in Bradford, Vermont. Later, he established the first globe-making factory in Albany-not-Vermont. Flawlessly out-figured, folks! 

Coincidentally, Vermont Historical Society staff have spent a year learning about Wilson’s life and work and will open an exhibition called “A New American Globe” at the Vermont History Museum in Montpelier on July 3. Visitors will be able to see some of Wilson’s earliest globes up close and learn how maps and mapmaking shape our world. Visit for more information, or follow them on social media (,, 

Exactly two hundred years after Imperial Russia signed the Treaty of Bucharest that ended the Russo-Turkish War, the American Petroleum Institute issued a statement saying that Vermont was embarking upon an “irresponsible path that ignores three major needs: jobs, government revenue, and energy security.” Why? What on earth was the institute referring to? 

When you have sussed the answer, email it to My answer will appear in next month’s Journal, joining a colossal amount of other fine reading material.