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This page has been reorganized to make it easier for you to find the information you need right now. Please visit our new page, Quick Links to State and National Webpages that serves as a resource for general COVID-19 information, and links to pages such as the CDC and the Vermont Health Department, as well as various other organizations and government agencies and departments. 

Scroll down to view the newest additions or browse the categories to see what specific resources are available from VLCT, partners, state, and national organizations. Are you looking for the Vermont State Emergency Operations Center weekly call information? Please bookmark this page which is update with the new call information each week.

Quick links to State and National webpages

View our library of recorded trainings

Including: Open Meeting Law, Remote Working, ACCD Q&A's, Statutory Updates, and more.

View VLCT Advocacy's Weekly Legislative Reports, Legislative Alerts, and written Testimony


New information is highlighted below for about a week or until it becomes out of date. All new links are also listed within their topic category where applicable.