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Town Meeting Day is almost here! On Tuesday, March 5, Vermonters will participate in town meeting, a cherished tradition for many and a time to exercise local “direct democracy” in our communities. Town meeting offers residents the chance to voice their opinions about the business of their towns, to vote on various issues, and to elect their municipal officials. There will be the usual assortment of tasks to attend to such as adopting a budget and authorizing the setting of the tax rate, as well as not-so-usual items like supporting or opposing the expansion of a landfill.

February is an understandably busy time for municipal officials – and for VLCT staff – as we all work to ensure that Town Meeting Day runs smoothly for officials and residents alike. By the time you read this, VLCT will have hosted the ever-popular Town Meeting Tune-Up Workshop, which gives attendees helpful information and guidance on holding an effective town meeting. For those of you who were unable to attend, additional resources are available in this issue of VLCT News. On page 4, the Municipal Assistance Center team answers some frequently-asked Town Meeting Day questions. That article also includes a list of resources that you can access on the VLCT website.

Preparing for Town Meeting Day can be stressful for local officials, so I encourage you to contact us at any time if we can be of assistance. Be sure to reference the dates listed on our 2018-2019 Municipal Calendar so you do not miss any of the pre-Town Meeting Day deadlines that happen this month. The planning and execution of town meeting is a critical role for local officials and much depends on how well you do it, so “we have your back.” We know you have an enormous capacity to get things done, but don’t hesitate to let us help!

We wish you all great success on March 5 and beyond!

Warm Regards, 

Maura Carroll
VLCT Executive Director