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Federal Funding Assistance - Cybersecurity

Why Use Federal Funds for Cybersecurity Improvements?

Cyber-based attacks on municipalities are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Tightening your municipality’s cyber armor is an acceptable use of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, and there are other federal funding opportunities on the horizon to support this work. Now is the ideal time to make relatively costly improvements to the security of your organization’s computer systems and use grant funds, not taxpayer money, to do it.

Save time, money, and your reputation. Cyber attacks are extremely disruptive and expensive. (For an example, read this WCAX News article). They often result in money being stolen, personal information being exposed, and expensive equipment becoming inoperable – as well as damaging the reputation of the municipality and the trust of voters.

Because Vermont municipalities are definitely targets.  Some have been hit already with small ransom demands and social engineering scams, including the examples noted in this VLCT News article.

Although costly, cyber improvements are crucial and absolutely worth it. Now is the time to identify your system weaknesses and make investments in your information technology (IT) infrastructure while these one-time funds are available to you.

Make investments now to address known  deficiencies. This may qualify your town for insurance coverage and allow you to have the proper protection in case you are the subject of a cyber or ransomware attack. You do not want your municipality to bear the entire cost of a cyber event because you were not covered!

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