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Federal Funding Assistance Program - Consults on Call

Need one-on-one help finding federal funding opportunities?  

Grab 30 minutes with our Federal Funding Assistance Program team for a "Consults on Call" appointment!  Whether your project is just in the idea phase, has started to gain momentum, has stalled completely or you just need help prioritizing projects before you get started, let us help you.  We will talk with you about your local project, initiative or problem; brainstorm ideas, solutions, pathways forward; discuss other potential resources for support/assistance; assess available funding options; suggest next steps for action and connections/partners to help in achieving them​.


1 PM to 3 PM
7 PM to 8 PM

Member Only Service  

Available only to individuals with an official role (selectboard, town manager/administrator, clerk, treasurer, library trustee, or director planning commissioner, etc.) with a VLCT member. 

If you think you need more than 30 minutes, please email to schedule a longer time slot.

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