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Dear PACIF members,

The PACIF board of directors, staff, and I thank you for renewing your membership. Municipal interests and needs are at the core of everything PACIF does, and your participation helps PACIF continue to be an outstanding example of statewide intermunicipal cooperation. The new year is already off to a great start with lower rates and, for many of you, contribution credits that resulted from your previous years of membership and conscientious risk management efforts.

Every year, we review our programs and coverage to ensure that they focus on your risk management needs and adequately protect your assets. The following enhancements are either already in place or on track for 2021:

  • Trainings on topics such as equity, inclusion, and respect in the workplace are eligible for John Lawe Scholarships, as is all risk management focused education. To learn about sources for such trainings, contact Jill Muhr, Senior Human Resources Consultant.
  • Extended employment practices liability (EPL) legal consultation benefits are now available through our exclusive EPL Referral program. In situations where termination is an expected outcome, PACIF will pay for as many as five additional hours of consultation – a total of up to eight hours. Contact Jill Muhr if you think your municipality could be eligible for this program.
  • PACIF’s Law Enforcement Consultation program helps to keep member agencies informed of changes in laws and operational policies that affect liability. For law enforcement claims, we’ll follow up with individual members to discuss incidents and strategies to prevent a recurrence. We also plan to form a law enforcement advisory group to help us refine our service focus, training content, and more. Trevor Whipple will continue to assist members who are looking to hire a new police chief, as we believe that getting the right person is critical to the success of the agency.
  • The new “Learn” online learning management system includes not only more courses and improved content, but also an innovative tool for creating custom courses and the ability to make new policies available to employees online. (See page 13 of the November-December 2020 VLCT News for more information.)
  • In January we expect to implement a new Certificate of Coverage module for the PACIF Policy Portal. This will let members create evidence of coverage certificates on their own, and it will streamline the process of submitting more complex requests. All approved certificates can be printed, rounding out this self-service enhancement.

Remember that all PACIF coverage, services, and programs have been added and developed in response to members’ needs and concerns. We use our area of expertise to enact the VLCT mission of serving and strengthening Vermont local government. Please feel free to let us know of any ways that you believe we can be of further service to you. Thanks again for your continued loyalty.

Joe Damiata, Director
VLCT Risk Management Services