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The PACIF Loss Control team performs the core functions of identifying members' risks and helping to prioritize and implement best practices to reduce each member's potential for loss.

  • Onsite hazard identification to help control hazards that increase the risk for property, liability, auto or workers’ compensation claims. Staff will provide a detailed report to outline operational hazards and can provide individualized assistance to help you address them.
  • Onsite training for employees and supervisory staff that are focused on significant sources of loss. Over the years, we have found that generic safety trainings that cover many VOSHA topics do not have a beneficial impact on injuries. As a result, our focus is to provide subject matter that does impact injury frequency and cost. These are outlined in more detail in the loss control topics below.
  • Hands-on consultation to help you implement loss control recommendations

Use each of the topics and programs listed below for resources such as guidance, model programs or policies, best practices, and training briefs to advance your safety and risk management efforts. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have questions in general, please contact the Loss Control Administrative Assistant at 800-649-7915 or email

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