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Selectboard Manual

How To Use This Manual 

This manual is designed for use by a municipality’s legislative body (e.g., selectboard, city council, aldermen, village trustees, or prudential committee) or their support staff.  In this manual we will use the term selectboard for consistency’s sake, but the information contained within is applicable to any legislative body.  This manual is intended to focus your efforts navigating the wide range of MAC resources relevant to the selectboard's discharge of their duties. The information contained in the former publication, The Selectboard Handbook, has been updated and posted to the website as distinct resources organized by topic and are updated on an ongoing basis.  

Use the table of contents to browse a listing of everything included in this manual. 

This manual explains the overarching context of the information for selectboards. While it is possible to download and print the full manual, using it on the web will ensure you always are referencing the most current information. This manual will be regularly updated as we develop more resources and to account for changes in the law; therefore, we recommend reviewing previously printed materials for accuracy before you rely on the information.

Visit the Municipal Assistance Center (MAC) webpage to find in-depth information and resources from VLCT and other relevant organizations on various municipal topics.

The Municipal Assistance Center attorneys and staff are here to help you. If you have any questions about your role as a member of a selectboard, city council, village board of trustees, or prudential committee, please call 800-649-7915, submit a question using the Municipal Assistance Portal (MAP), or email