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Bevan Quinn, Carolyn Hier, Irene Nagle, Julie Rohleder, Louise Luring, and Michael McCarthy from Guilford, Weathersfield, the Northeastern Vermont Development Association, Hyde Park, Saxtons River, and Georgia, respectively, knew that the Vermont mountain on which a bunch of hunters got lost was named by them – once they made their way back to civilization and, more importantly, breakfast – Mount Hunger. Good hunting, Will!

Once upon a time, the Vermont Legislature honored a local composer with a joint resolution, noting that “the stupendous dissonance” of one of the composer’s tunes “sent even the Avant-Garde scurrying for shelter. With the passage of time,” the composer “has not mellowed [and] remains fearless, uncompromising, terse. There is no mincing of words, no sugar-coating, no padding ... ” Sheesh! Who is this person, when was the resolution presented, and why is no meditation center named after her or him? Extra credit if you can hum a few bars of the “stupendous dissonance” tune. When you’ve sussed the answer, email it to My answer will appear in the marginally marketable March issue.