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How much funding will my town receive?
Funding will be distributed based on population. Most Vermont towns (except Burlington and South Burlington) are referred to as “non-entitlement units of government” in ARPA. The State of Vermont will receive $58,788,245 in Non-Entitlement Unit of Government funding from ARPA. On May 24th, Treasury issued guidance to states and municipalities on how the funding would be allocated. The Vermont Agency of Administration is currently evaluating that guidance and will be establishing Vermont’s final non-entitlement units of local government funding allocations in the coming days. In addition, the State of Vermont will receive $121,202,550 in County Funding from ARPA. This county funding may go to county governments before it goes to Vermont’s cities, towns and municipalities.  VLCT is working with the State of Vermont and Vermont’s Congressional Delegation in an effort to ensure this funding reaches local governments.  While Congress has issued preliminary estimates of how much funding your community would get under that includes both the local funding and the county funding, the uncertainty about how the county funding will be distributed makes providing a definitive final answer difficult. When final allocations are available, VLCT will publish them here. 

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Guidance from the US Treasury, issued May 24

The Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund will provide $19.53 billion to support tens of thousands of non-entitlement units of local government, which are local governments typically serving a population under 50,000.

Funding for Non-Entitlement Units of local government

Non-entitlement units of local government (NEUs), defined in section 603(g)(5) of the Social Security Act, as added by section 9901 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, are local governments typically serving populations of less than 50,000. NEUs include cities, villages, towns, townships, or other types of local governments. 

NEUs should expect to receive Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund payments through their state governments. State governments will receive a specific allocation of these funds from Treasury for this purpose and are responsible for distributing these funds to NEUs within their state. Award amounts are based on the population of the NEU.

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