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Flood Response Resources - Request or Share 

July 19, 2023

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Email flood recovery or FEMA PA program questions to:


No Matter Your Needs - Call the SEOC 

Call the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) to report if you need resources of any kind  - from equipment, operators, or materials, to potable water for your residents if your water supply system has failed.  These reports to the SEOC should be submitted by your municipality's Emergency Management Director (EMD). You can also call the SEOC to report if you're able to share resources with other municipalities in need. 

The State of Vermont has an online system for resources that they use to inventory, allocate, track and redeploy. This includes resources from VTrans and municipalities not impacted by the flood. If your municipality needs anything to help you quickly respond, have your EMD report your needs to the SEOC immediately at 1-800-347-0488 or (802) 244-8721.