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Post-Town Meeting Contact Updates

March 01, 2023

markus winkler q3QPw37J6Xs unsplash

The primary VLCT contact at every VLCT member received an email on March 8 from with a link and instructions for how to update your municipal contacts.

Please review the information in the online contact updates form and make any changes by Friday, March 17. To make it as easy for you as possible, positions have been pre-populated. 

We sincerely appreciate your help. Contact information is essential for us to communicate with and assist all local officials, and this year it will also create easy access to the Municipal Access Portal (MAP) when it launches on March 30. 


Email Addresses: We strongly encourage every contact to have a unique email address. Accounts in VLCT’s MAP require individuals to have their own, not a shared, email address. Contact your IT support to create an email through your municipality’s official email service (preferred) or use any of the free email services (ex: Gmail) to create your own.   

Governing Board Chairs: Many governing boards may not have elected a new chair yet. Once a chair has been elected, let us know who it is by emailing or update it through MAP after March 30.  


Email or call 800-649-7915.