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Two important reminders for treasurers and roster-keepers of the volunteer fire departments (VFDs) that obtain their workers' compensation "Assigned Risk" coverage through PACIF:

Departments that are billed through the municipality must pay the municipality, not VLCT, for this coverage. As noted on the PACIF invoices mailed in early December, the municipality is responsible for combining the VFD's coverage contribution with the rest of the municipality's PACIF contribution before sending it to VLCT.

Your departments workers’ compensation audit time is coming right up! Your Assigned Risk contact (the person who knows your department’s 2020 roster and pay information) needs to complete and submit that information very soon after the close of 2020. This requires starting with the new Excel template (linked below) and devoting some time & attention to the process. Susan Benoit, Associate Underwriter, is emailing this year's template with full instructions to the Assigned Risk contact at all appropriate fire departments on 12/1/20, and the template is also available here. The person who knows your department’s 2020 roster and pay information needs to use the 2020 template (please DO NOT REUSE an old file!) and follow the instructions in it. The main steps are:

  1. Rename this year’s file, replacing “roster_template” with your fire department’s name.

  2. Fill in the list with the all the right names, roles, and financial information.

  3. Read the gray section at the end of the list and check the right box.

  4. “Sign” electronically at the end.

  5. Return the completed Excel file with the required pay documentation to Susan Benoit by the appropriate due date:

    1. Departments in which no one receives any pay for any fire department activities need to return their completed roster by Thursday, December 31, 2020.
    2. Departments with any personnel who receive any pay for fire department activities – such as per-call, per-training, a stipend, or wages – need to submit theirs by Friday, January 8, 2020.

Detailed instructions are in the two sheets of the Excel template. If you have any questions about what and how to report your department's information, please direct them to Susan Benoit at or 1-800-649-7915. She’ll contact you if she requires anything more.

Thank you! We really appreciate your effort in this.