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UI Trust Seeks 2023 Wage Reports from Its Members

February 08, 2024

"UI Wage Reports!" superimposed on photo of payroll paperwork
It is again the time of year when the VERB Trust needs members in the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program to prepare and submit their Annual Wage Report. All UI program participants, regardless of size, must complete the form linked below and email their 2023 wage information to Kelley Avery by Tuesday, April 30. 
If you haven't already submitted your organization's 2023 UI Wage Report, here's what to do: 
  1. Click on the button below and download this year's form.
  2. Follow the instructions listed at the top of the file and re-save the file with your changes when you are finished. Be sure to use only the new 2023 report when submitting your data. If you encounter any problems with the Excel file, contact Kelley Avery at 1-800-649-7915, ext. 1965. 
  3. Complete your report and email it to Kelley at no later than April 30, 2024.

Download Wage Report Form


Your completed 2023 wage report is instrumental in determining your 2025 UI Trust contribution, so please follow the instructions in the Excel file carefully. Here are some details to be aware of.

  • Be sure to enter a wage amount for each eligible employee. The taxable wage base for 2023 was $13,500. The capped taxable wage amount will be calculated automatically when you enter each employee’s gross wage totals. 
  • Include wages for all full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal employees who worked for you in calendar year 2023. 
  • Do NOT include wages for any elected officials or non-salaried, volunteer positions such as firefighters, ambulance workers, or EMTs, as these volunteer workers are ineligible for unemployment insurance. 
  • Provide only one entry per employee. If an employee worked multiple positions, please categorize them in the position where they worked the most.
  • Be sure to include department information for each employee listed so that we can provide you with your breakdown. If you leave this field blank, all employees will be categorized as “General” by default.

If you have any questions regarding the above information or completing your report, please feel free to call Kelley or email her at

Visit our Unemployment Insurance page to learn more about this member-only VLCT program.