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VEM: Town Equipment Documentation for FEMA

July 17, 2023

men repairing road pavement

From: Vermont Local Roads Program on behalf of Canarecci,Kim Kim.Canarecci@VERMONT.GOV (Vermont Local Roads Program via LISTSERV.VERMONTLOCALROADS.ORG)
Mon 7/17/2023 10:49 AM

This is FEMA’ s most current equipment list they use for cost codes to determine cost of using the town equipment.

At this time, towns should just document the type of truck and size/make model used in making any repairs, as well as who was driving it, where it was used (what road), and day/hours used. 

These costs as well as labor and materials and contracts used for disaster repair are an eligible cost.

ONLY USE FEMA's 2021 Equipment Rates.

Schedule of Equipment Rates |


Thank you,

Kimberly Canarecci

Vermont State Public Assistance Officer