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Poll Results

Question Posted: March 27 - April 2
What are your biggest COVID-19 operational challenges or what do you anticipate they will be? (Note: respondents could select more than one answer, percentages should not add up to 100)

  • 67% Meetings of the selectboard or any public body subject to VT's Open Meeting Law
  • 43% Finance functions for residents, such as tax bills
  • 40% Town Clerk services, such as land records, vital records, dog licenses
  • 25% Internal finance functions, such as payroll
  • 25% Property assessment
  • 20% Maintaining local roads
  • 12% Land use and zoning functions
  • 18% Other: Processing checks for invoices and payments; the census; employee health and safety, espeically highway crew; second home owners not quarantining and using resources; determining essential functions and essential employees; determining "pay status" for non-essential employees; ability to hold hearings in compliance with the law; monitoring social distancing in public parks; understanding and applying CARES Act; lack of access to Land Records for title searchers, attorneys, surveyors, etc. is creating a significant issue for property sales and mortgage refinances; staying prepared for weather events causing power outages;

VLCT received 94 responses to the poll. All answers under "Other" were supplied by the respondent.

Question Posted: March 20 - March 26
What software and/or service (audio and/or video) is your municipality using to work remotely and conduct meetings (including of selectboard, committees, and other public bodies)?

  • 45% Zoom
  • 14%
  • 10% None
  • 8%
  • 8% Microsoft Teams
  • 5% Skype
  • 2% Google Hangouts
  • 2% Skype for Business
  • 6% Other: Webex, Vimeo,, Facetime, Local Conference Calling Service, Slack, Team Viewer, LogMeIn each <1%

VLCT received 98 responses to the poll.