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PACIF Claims Assistance

Note: This page contains information about how PACIF handles claims. Members who need to file a claim should do so under Insurance in the Main Menu or on the Report a Claim page.

The PACIF Claims team is right here in Vermont, enacting the VLCT mission by:

  • investigating claims thoroughly,
  • arriving at accurate and fair resolutions,
  • paying all legitimate claims promptly,
  • keeping members apprised of each claim’s status, and
  • consulting with the member before any claim is settled or denied.

When you do have a claim, you can rely on our

  • team of experienced claims representatives who manage every part of the process from initial investigation to final resolution and
  • panel of expert defense attorneys who apply their expertise to resolving your case.

With PACIF, the claims process is transparent. We are real people really looking out for our members.

To learn more, please call our Claims division at 800-649-7915.