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VERB Nominating Committee Report for the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Membership


September 14, 2022

VLCT Board of Directors:

The Nominating Committee appointed pursuant to the VLCT Bylaws submits the following report:

1. The Committee received nominations and names of qualified individuals interested in serving, and discussed the criteria it deemed essential to satisfy the leadership requirements of VLCT.

2. The Committee is required to submit recommendations to the Board for the five director positions with expiring terms in October 2022 and for the positions of President and Vice President. 

3. The Committee, in recognition of the objectives of representation included in the Bylaws and approved by the Board of Directors, has made a determined effort to represent the very complex composition of the policy leadership structure of Vermont’s cities and towns as well as the diversity of the municipalities themselves and the diversity and experience of individual local officials.  We believe that has been achieved within the limits of the governing body size with which we are required to work.

6.  The Nominating Committee recommends for the Board of Directors for the five director positions with expiring terms in October 2022: 

  • David Allaire, Mayor, City of Rutland 

  • Julie Hance, Town Manager, Town of Chester 

  • Ann Lawless, Selectboard Chair, Town of Wheelock 

  • Ken Linsley, Selectboard Member, Town of Danville 

  • Joe Major, Treasurer, Town of Hartford 


7.   The Nominating Committee recommends for the office of President and Vice President:

  • President:  Jessie Baker, City Manager, City of South Burlington 

  • Vice President:  Bill Fraser: City Manager, City of Montpelier


Respectfully submitted,

Jessie Baker, Chair
Mary Ann Goulette 
Ken Linsley  
Miro Weinberger 

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