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2024 Events & Training Schedule

VLCT offers a variety of trainings throughout the year. This listing is an overview that is subject to change. For details of currently available trainings and to register, please visit Most events are posted on the events calendar four weeks before they take place. 


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Advocacy Chat1/8/202411:00 - 11:45Zoom Meeting
Town Meeting Warning and Model Articles1/10/202410:00 - 11:00Zoom Webinar
Flood Recovery Check-In1/16/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
Town Meeting: Australian Ballot Voting Legal Requirements Overview1/17/202410:00 - 11:00Zoom Webinar
Introduction to Family Medical Leave Insurance1/18/202410:00-11:00Zoom Webinar
Legal Lunch Hour – January1/24/202412:00 - 1:00Zoom Meeting
Eclipse Planning Check-In1/25/202410:00-11:00Zoom Meeting
Advocacy Chat1/29/202411:00 - 11:45Zoom Meeting


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Town Meeting Tune-Up2/7/20249:00 - 12:00Hybrid, Central VT
Eclipse Planning Check-In2/8/202410:00-11:00Zoom Meeting
Advocacy Chat2/12/202411:00 - 11:45Zoom Meeting
Franklin and Grand Isle Counties Selectboard Convening 2/13/20245:00 - 7:30In-Person, St. Albans
Flood Recovery Check-In2/20/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
Eclipse Planning Check-In2/22/202410:00-11:00Zoom Meeting
Advocacy Chat2/26/202411:00 - 11:45Zoom Meeting
Legal Lunch – February2/28/202412:00 - 1:00Zoom Meeting


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Eclipse Planning Check-In3/7/202410:00-11:00Zoom Meeting
Advocacy Chat3/11/202411:00 - 11:45Zoom Meeting
Flood Recovery Check-In3/19/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
Eclipse Planning Check-In3/21/202410:00-11:00Zoom Meeting
Selectboard Essentials3/23/20249:00 - 2:30In-person
Advocacy Chat3/25/202411:00 - 11:45Zoom Meeting
Legal Lunch – March3/27/202412:00 - 1:00Zoom Meeting


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Eclipse Planning Check-In4/4/202410:00-11:00Zoom Meeting
Advocacy Chat4/8/202411:00 - 11:45Zoom Meeting
Grants 101: Before the Grant4/9/202410:00 - 12:00Zoom Webinar
Liability and Risk Management for Selectboards4/11/202410:00 - 12:00Zoom Webinar
Flood Recovery Check-In4/16/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
Open Meeting Law for Boards and Committees4/17/202410:00 - 11:30Zoom Webinar
Advocacy Chat4/22/202411:00 - 11:45Zoom Meeting
Legal Lunch – April4/24/202412:00 - 1:00Zoom Meeting
Unemployment Insurance and Act 76 - What Employers Need to Know4/25/202411:00 - 12:00Zoom Webinar


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Government Finance for SelectboardsEarly May, TBD Zoom Webinar
Effective Board of Civil Authority Tax Appeal HearingsEarly May, TBD Zoom Webinar
Advocacy Chat5/6/202411:00 - 11:45Zoom Meeting
Spring Planning and Zoning Forum5/15 or 5/169:30 - 12:00Zoom Webinar
Flood Recovery Check-In5/21/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
Legal Lunch – May5/22/202412:00 - 1:00Zoom Meeting
Project Development 101: Ways to Fund Your Project5/28/202410:00 - 12:00Zoom Webinar


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Human Resources for Municipal Selectboards & SupervisorsTBD9:00 - 3:00In-person or hybrid
Intro to CaseBuilder and Your Equifax Team: Exclusively for UI Trust Members 6/6/20242:00 - 3:00Zoom Webinar
Flood Recovery Check-In6/18/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
Legal Lunch – June6/19/202412:00 - 1:00Zoom Meeting


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Flood Recovery Check-In7/16/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
Legal Lunch – July 7/17/202412:00 - 1:00Zoom Meeting


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Dog Control Law and EnforcementEarly August, TBD10:00 - 12:00Zoom Webinar
Flood Recovery Check-In8/20/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
Grant Management 1018/20/202410:00 - 12:00Zoom Webinar


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Flood Recovery Check-In9/17/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
Municipal BudgetingMid September, TBD10:00 - 12:00Zoom Webinar
Legal Lunch Hour – September9/25/202412:00 - 1:00Zoom Meeting


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Town Fair 10/2 – 10/3/2024 In-person, Killington
Flood Recovery Check-In10/15/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
Fall Planning and Zoning10/16 or 10/179:30 - 12:00Zoom Webinar
ADA 10110/22/202410:00 - 12:00Zoom Webinar
Legal Lunch Hour – Oct10/23/202412:00 - 1:00Zoom Meeting


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Elected Auditors11/13/202410:00 - 11:30Zoom Webinar
Flood Recovery Check-In11/19/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
Legal Lunch Hour – Nov11/20/202412:00 - 1:00Zoom Meeting


TopicEvent DateTimeFormat/Location
Flood Recovery Check-In12/17/20241:00 - 2:00Zoom Webinar
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