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The process for using the Australian ballot system at town meeting requires a public informational hearing to be held within the 10 days immediately preceding the town meeting at which the Australian ballot system of voting is to be used. Act 77 (2022) allows municipalities to 1) apply the Australian ballot system to its annual town meeting held in the year 2022 by vote of its legislative body, and 2) conduct the required informational hearings by electronic means without appointing a physical location. This training reviews legal requirements, provides helpful and practical tips, and include strategies for hosting remote informational hearings. It also has a quick overview of facilitation techniques and logistical and technical issues to consider. Please note that portions of this video were recorded in 2021. The video was revised and edited to make it relevant for 2022, and the section on legal requirements with MAC Staff Attorney, Susan Senning was re-recorded to reflect 2022 legislation changes.


Jenna Koloski, Community Engagement and Policy Director, VCRD
Jon Copans, (Former) Climate, Innovation, and Leadership Director VCRD,

Susan Senning, Staff Attorney, VLCT Municipal Assistance Center 

Additional Annual Meeting Information 2022!

Municipal Officials, please bookmark our Town Meeting homepage for our most current information and access to our remote informational hearing toolkit. Links to them and some of our frequently requested Town Meeting resources are also available at the bottom of this page. If you have additional questions contact our Member Inquiry Service at or call 1-800-649-7915 for assistance.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2022

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