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The cost of workers’ compensation coverage is closely related to the entire organization’s claim history as well as the effort it puts into not only reducing the number and severity of workplace incidents but also supporting employees in healing so they can get back to work as soon as medically appropriate. This toolkit has guidance, a policy template, and an injury reporting form for PACIF members to use in establishing and adhering to consistent organization-wide practices that will help reduce workers’ compensation costs while also helping employees feel valued.

The keystone of this toolkit is the template for a single policy that (1) outlines how employees should report on-the-job injuries, (2) designates a medical provider for non-emergency injuries, and (3) establishes a process for department heads and supervisors to follow when they review incidents and injuries. The PACIF Loss Control team can help members customize and implement this policy. They can also train department heads and supervisors to conduct ideal incident/injury reviews with employees.

Contact your PACIF Loss Control Consultant for more information on ways to keep your municipality’s workers' compensation costs in check.

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