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The town meeting warning must, by separate articles, specifically indicate the business to be transacted, to include the offices and the questions to be voted upon. The wording of town meeting articles, unless specifically articulated in statute, is indeterminate. For that reason, the VLCT Municipal Assistance Center has developed this resource that contains model town meeting articles and associated guidance. Some model articles require editing by either entering your own words or picking a phrase or number, as indicated by italics enclosed with brackets.

These models have been developed for illustrative purposes only. VLCT makes no express or implied endorsement or recommendation of any model or any express or implied guarantee of legal enforceability or legal compliance. VLCT also does not represent that any model is appropriate for any municipality. Please seek legal counsel to review any proposed model before use.

If you have additional questions about town meeting requirements, please view our Town Meeting homepage or contact the staff at the VLCT Municipal Assistance Center. Members may reach us at or 1-800-649-7915 for assistance.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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