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The change from working in an office with colleagues nearby to logging in remotely from your home presents a host of challenges. Beyond getting the hang of the technical tools, there are also practical issues around setting up a safe workstation, communicating effectively, staying and feeling productive, and perhaps also feeling isolated. 

In this 4/3/20 webinar, Michael Kilfoyle, Senior Vice President of Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence, provides useful guidance – and reassurance – for municipal employees who are new at working away from their normal office environment.

Michael Kilfoyle is a Principal of Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence. He regularly trains and speaks to business groups on a variety of topics including leadership skills, creating customer experiences, workforce trends, and organizational culture. Michael is also an adjunct professor at Plymouth (NH) State University and helped lead his firm to be recognized as one of the best places to work in Vermont. Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence is a talent management firm located in Burlington, Vermont whose vision is to help create the leading workplaces of tomorrow.

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