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This info sheet provides guidance for legislative bodies on restricting use of highways. The selectboard has the authority to restrict or prevent the use of a town highway when necessity demands. While this authority is frequently used to prevent damage to town highways during mud season, it is not strictly seasonal. The selectboard may restrict or close a highway at any time when conditions are such that 'the traveling public or the highway itself might suffer harm' caused by vehicles. 

This resource was formerly entitled the “Highways in Mud Season Info Sheet" and has been renamed to demonstrate its broader applicability.

While every effort is made to provide members with the most accurate information possible, these documents do not constitute legal advice.If you have additional questions about town highways, please view our Roads and Trails pages, or contact the staff at the VLCT Municipal Assistance Center. Members may reach us at or 1-800-649-7915 for assistance.

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Monday, April 04, 2022

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