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Updated each week during the 2023 legislative session, this table includes the bills introduced in the Senate that pertain to Vermont local government.



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Would amend laws to reduce crimes of violence associated with juveniles and dangerous weapons, establish a grant program for communities suffering from increased violence associated with illegal drug use, gang activity, or human trafficking to obtain financial assistance to support community outreach and intervention, violence prevention, and reducing demand for illegal drugs.

S. Judiciary


Would establish the Clean Heat Standard to reduce Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions from the thermal sector.

S. Natural Resources and Energy


Would permit employees to elect a collective bargaining representative through card check elections.

S. Economic Development Housing & General Affairs


Would add subcategories of unprofessional conduct for law enforcement officers reviewable by the Vermont Criminal Justice Council, prohibit sheriffs from collecting compensation for administration of contracts or related services, repeal the penalty for refusal to assist a sheriff, and require the Secretary of State and the Department of State’s Attorneys and Sheriffs to review and report on the number of sheriff’s departments.

S. Government Operations


Would establish a Basic Needs Budget Technical Advisory Commission and require the creation of a State and federal assistance calculator.

S. Economic Development, Housing & General Affairs


Would prohibit the discharge of a firearm within 500 feet of any occupied dwelling house, residence, or other building or camp occupied by human beings or any barn, stable, or other building used in connection with an occupied building.

S. Natural Resources & Energy


Would direct the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation to adopt rules to implement the Clean Fuels Program.

S. Natural Resources & Energy


Would prohibit open carry of loaded firearms in public places; provide that a person may not raise self-defense or defense of others as a defense if the person’s use of defensive force occurred outside the person’s home or dwelling and the person had sufficient and available means of avoiding the use of force; and provide that only law enforcement agencies and federally licensed firearms dealers approved as qualified storage locations by the Department of Public Safety may store firearms relinquished by persons subject to relief from abuse orders.

S. Judiciary


Ranked Choice Voting in Presidential Primaries

S. Government Operations


Would extend the time period that the Town of Hartford can incur indebtedness for its tax increment financing district for two years and extend the time period that the Town can retain municipal and tax increment for its tax increment financing district until December 31, 2036.

S. Finance


Would allow a municipality to apply for an Act 250 master plan permit for its designated downtown development districts and neighborhood development areas and provide grants to help with applications.

S. Natural Resources & Energy


Would require a 72-hour waiting period for most firearms transfers; prohibit large capacity ammunition feeding devices from being manufactured in Vermont; require firearms to be locked in a safe storage when not used; provide premium discount on homeowners insurance policies to policyholders who store their firearms in compliance with safe storage requirements; prohibit possession of semiautomatic assault weapons; prohibit three-dimensional printer to manufacture a firearm and prohibit distributing digital instructions for printing; and permit firearms industry members to be held liable for damages in public nuisance lawsuits.

S. Judiciary


Would amend the Constitution of the State of Vermont to allow the General Assembly to establish by law qualifications for individuals to be elected to and hold the office of sheriff.

S. Government Operations

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