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We are conducting a quarterly series of surveys pertaining to the fiscal and staffing impacts of COVID-19. We will use data collected by these surveys to better advocate for your funding and resource needs as the COVID-19 response continues.

VLCT needs to deliver compelling and accurate information to the Vermont Legislature to advocate on your behalf. We will also use our members' responses to share significant data points with members as well as state and federal partner organizations, to evaluate impacts on insurance services offered through VLCT PACIF and VERB trusts, and to create more effective training opportunities and resources.

Who Should Take the Survey?

Municipal officials with finance and operations reporting responsibilities. Recipients receive a survey link with a username and password to access the survey which they can share with other officers with access to information necessary to complete the survey. We ask that recipients and respondents coordinate internally so that only one survey is submitted per town.

How to Access the Survey

If you believe you are the appropriate respondent but did not receive a direct link to the survey or you would like to know if your municipality participated in the survey, please contact 

Survey III Deadline: TBD

Survey II is closed - we will be publishing the data in mid-late September.

The report for the Municipal Fiscal Impacts Survey I is published on our COVID-19 Municipal Impacts Surveys and Reports main page. Please refer to the link below to access the report and more information on our fiscal impact surveys and assessments.


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Publication Date: 
Tuesday, July 28, 2020