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We are unlike any other insurance solution. Local public entities throughout America form risk-sharing pools to reduce and stabilize their long-term insurance costs and to ensure access to the coverage and services that help them fulfill crucial functions. VLCT members founded two non-profit self-insurance associations especially for Vermont municipalities: the VERB Trust and PACIF. These two organizations are overseen by respective Boards of Directors and operated by the staff of VCLT's Risk Management Services department (RMS). Together, PACIF and VERB provide a unique combination of resources to meet the particular needs of Vermont's diverse local governments. PACIF and VERB members are not just insurance policy holders: they are co-owners of the pools. RMS staff are experienced professionals who understand the unique operations and risk exposures of Vermont municipal entities and also truly believe in and work for the sake of serving and strengthening VLCT members.

PACIF and VERB are operated responsibly and their finances are managed scrupulously. In 2016 PACIF earned Recognition status from the Association of Governmental Risk Pools (AGRiP), and VERB's Unemployment Insurance fund has proven to be more consistently maintained and therefore more stable than Vermont's state unemployment fund. Both pools use an outside firm to perform annual financial audits, and summaries of these audited financial statements are included in the PACIF and VERB Annual Reports linked below.






The VLCT Property And Casualty Intermunicipal Fund (PACIF) began offering coverage to its 27 founding members in January 1987. With more than 335 members it is now the leading provider of Property/Casualty and Workers' Compensation coverage to Vermont municipal entities including special purpose districts. Under the guidance of a board of eleven Vermont local officials, all core functions – underwriting, claim adjudication, loss control, and member relations – are performed by VLCT staff who live in Vermont communities and work hard to fulfill the League's mission.

PACIF covers property damage, vehicle accidents, injured employees, general liability, public officials' liability, employment practices liability, law enforcement liability, and (starting on July 1, 2017) cyber liability, making it comprehensive and convenient. Beyond that, PACIF features a unique combination of loss control programs – Scholarships and Grants, Drug & Alcohol Testing compliance support for members with CDL drivers, the Legal and Liability Risk Management Institute's online resources for law enforcement professionals, WorkStrong, and many more. In addition, working together in a single location means that in-house claims, loss control, and underwriting staff can put their heads together to help members address potential or recurring claims in ways that can help members save money in the long run. All this makes PACIF a truly exceptional value for its members. For more information about coverage and services, please peruse this site's menus or visit our PACIF webpage.

PACIF, by state law, offers "coverage" rather than "insurance" and, to help reinforce the distinction, members pay "contributions" rather than "premiums." Yet PACIF coverage is no less effective than commercial insurance, and PACIF claim adjusters are not discouraged from paying claims the way adjusters at many for-profit companies generally are.

PACIF Board Members

PACIF Bylaws






The VLCT Employment Resource and Benefits Trust (VERB) was formed in 2015 with the merger of the VLCT Unemployment Insurance Trust (founded in 1978) and the VLCT Health Trust (founded in 1982).

VERB's Unemployment Insurance fund is still operated according to the sound principles that have kept it stable since its founding. Underwriting and member relations are conducted by RMS staff, actuarial services and claim handling are provided by third-party administrators, and Vermont-based legal services are made available to members as needed. This program helps member groups budget consistently from year to year, and, when a claim occurs, a member can leave the administering of it to professionals familiar with federal and state requirements.

For decades, the VLCT Health Trust operated a risk-sharing pool to provide group health insurance to Vermont municipalities of all sizes, and VLCT staff advocated for effective, affordable health insurance in the Vermont legislature. Thus the Health Trust was well positioned to anticipate and evaluate the myriad changes brought on by insurance reform at both the national and state levels and, in 2014, it began adjusting how it would meet members' emerging needs. By state law, VERB can now offer health insurance only to municipalities with 100 or more employees, yet its staff members make their breadth and depth of relevant knowledge available to all municipalities through the Health Insurance Advisory Services program.

In addition, VERB provides several types of employee benefits at low group rates: dental insurance, vision insurance, group life and disability insurance, and Health Advocate's Core Advocacy services. Our VERB webpage has convenient links to all of these opportunities.

VERB Board Members

VERB Bylaws