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Every municipal entity that has either a payroll of $1,500 or more in a calendar quarter or one or more employees in each of 20 weeks in a calendar year must participate in an unemployment insurance program, either by paying state and federal unemployment taxes to the Vermont Department of Labor or on a reimbursable basis to the state. VERB offers a pooled reimbursable program for Vermont municipalities.

VERB's Unemployment Insurance (UI) program puts the power of pooling to work for municipalities so they can budget for their UI costs and receive automatic administration services for any claims that occur. Members pay an annual contribution based on payroll and loss experience, and all claims charged against members are paid by VERB from the Trust's dedicated Unemployment Insurance fund. Currently, 209 municipalities are enrolled in the VERB UI program. Contribution credits are provided to members based on UI and member claim experience.

UI program members receive not only administration services but also special guidance and assistance in the unemployment process from the staff at Equifax Workforce Solutions, the program's third-party administrator. As another benefit of membership, Vermont-based legal services are provided to members as needed.

The list of the VERB Trust's Board of Directors and the agendas and minutes of past board meetings are available on the VERB Board of Directors page. The PACIF and VERB 2021 Annual Report includes an overview of financials and other information from the most recent audited year.

For more information about any aspect of this program, please contact VLCT Risk Management Services at 800-649-7915 or email Kelley Avery, Senior Benefit Programs Administrator.

  • Unemployment insurance exclusively for Vermont municipalities
  • A liaison to the Vermont Department of Labor 
  • In-house underwriting staff who are accessible, knowledgeable, and friendly
  • Experienced legal counsel for unemployment hearings support