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After Dave Sichel (remember him?) announced his recent retirement, VLCT discussed plans for the future for Risk Management Services. After much thought, RMS decided not to fill his position and to instead give deserving staff the opportunity to take on more responsibility.

Fred Satink has been promoted to Deputy Director, Underwriting and Loss Control. In his new role, he will continue to perform many of the same duties and now help with overall administration of the Trust. Fred will continue to supervise the Underwriting staff and will have Jim Carrien’s assistance with overseeing Loss Control.

Jim Carrien, who has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and an ability to work closely with his members to facilitate change, has been promoted to Loss Control Supervisor. Jim will maintain servicing responsibility for at least half of his current members and will assume day-to-day supervision of the loss control consultants and administration.

Vicky Abare, who has been a dedicated member of the Underwriting division for several years and has consistently produced highly quality work, has been promoted to Senior Underwriter. In her new role, she will join Pam Fecteau in helping to balance workloads, cross-train staff, and work on new member and renewal proposal development and presentations.

Kelley Avery has been our unemployment insurance expert and has continued to work hard helping members with their Health and benefit needs. Because of Kelley’s continued hard work and dedication to the VERB Trust and the organization as a whole, she has been promoted to Senior VERB Program Administrator. In her new role, she will continue to perform all of the same duties and assist with the overall administration of the Trust. Importantly, her new title features a lot fewer characters than her previous one (Unemployment Insurance Underwriter & Health Benefit Programs Administrator), meaning that it’ll fit way better on her business card.

Lastly, to reflect the depth of human resource experience that Jill Muhr brings to our member municipalities, her title has been revised to Senior Human Resources Consultant.

Congratulations to everybody!