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This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Town Fair, our annual conference for municipal employees and officials, is going virtual! It will take place over several days with no overlapping sessions, so you can attend all of the parts you want to.  

When Does Town Fair Begin and End? Town Fair technically begins with the VLCT Policy Brief meeting on September 23rd. Regular Town Fair trainings start on September 28 and continue for the entire week. Please refer to the agenda posted here for the precise schedule of activities.  

How Much Does it Cost? It’s FREE! We understand how hard municipal budgets have been hit by additional pandemic related expenses at the same time that the high unemployment rate may make it difficult for land owners to pay their property taxes. 

Why Should I Attend? This is your conference! Town Fair still provides you with the opportunity to network with peers and attend training sessions. You can even still engage with people who share the same experience by attending one of the morning roundtables.  

When Are the Annual Meetings? The annual meetings for VLCT, VLCT PACIF, and the VERB Trust will on Wednesday, October 1. NEW: All policy amendments must be made at the policy brief meeting. Visit briefs for a full explanation and schedule. Don’t forget to register as a voting delegate so you can vote. New this year, PACIF and VERB members must also register a voting delegate.   

How Do I Register? All registrations for this year’s all-virtual event will be online at VLCT’s website. Registration is fast and easy, and you can do it right now.