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UI Program Works with Equifax

To those groups in VERB’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) program, we ask you to remember that Equifax is our partner for UI claim administration, and Kelly Storm is the person we rely on to interact with the Vermont Department of Labor to shepherd these claims through the state system. If your office gets a request from her – most likely via – seeking a former employee’s separation information, we urge you to fulfill her request in a timely manner. It is critical that Kelly receive the information as quickly as possible, in part so you can avoid a costly state penalty, and in some cases to allow her to protest the claim on behalf of the municipality or VERB. Your timely responses to these legitimate requests help keep the pool strong by allowing us to serve all VERB Trust UI groups well.

If you have any questions about information requests from Equifax or VERB’s UI Program in general, please call VLCT’s own Kelley Avery at 800-649-7915, ext. 1965.

How Can Health Advocate Help?

West® Health Advocate, the nation's leading independent healthcare advocacy and assistance hotline service, is available to employees of all groups that are in a VERB program at no additional cost to the group or the employee. Health Advocate tackles issues that would otherwise distract your employees during normal work hours. Health Advocate’s professionals help callers navigate frustrating health care issues, particularly with claims and coverage. They are well versed in Medicare issues and coverage options, which can be extremely confusing to employees approaching Medicare eligibility. 

Any employee – or the employee’s spouse, dependent children, parents, and parents-in-law – can call 866-695-8622 toll-free any time for services such as:

  • insurance claims mediation
  • assistance with correcting billing errors
  • answers to questions regarding medical terms, tests, medications, and treatments
  • explanation of coverage and plan details, including Medicare
  • assistance with eldercare issues
  • help with serious or chronic conditions
  • locating doctors and hospitals
  • researching treatments for a medical condition
  • securing second opinions
  • scheduling appointments with hard-to-reach specialists

Learn more at If you have further questions, or to request brochures or sign up for services, please contact Kelley Avery or Larry Smith at VLCT at 800-649-7915.