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VLCT holds a variety of trainings and events, conducted in a variety of formats, based on members' needs. Please check for the most up-to-date information and to register for current trainings and events. PACIF members can access additional trainings developed by VLCT Loss Control (and others) through PACIF Learn. Municipal Assistance Center (MAC) small group training (referred to as on-sites pre-Covid-19) are available upon request. Learn more at Select webinar recordings from MAC are also available through the VLCT Bookstore.


  • Town Meeting/Moderator Training
  • Selectboard Institute Training Series includes Open Meeting Law, Managing Conflicts of Interest, and more


  • Flagger Training (for PACIF members)
  • Conducting Effective Property Tax Appeals
  • Spring Planning and Zoning Forum
  • Municipal Human Resources and Employment Law
  • Governmental Accounting and Auditing Symposium


  • Delinquent Tax Collectors Training (typically every other year)
  • Training varies based on member needs and legislative changes taking effect.


  • Town Fair
  • Budget/Finance Training
  • Fall Planning and Zoning Forum
  • Town Meeting Preparation
  • Transparency Essentials