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The VLCT Mission: To Serve and Strengthen Vermont Local Government

Founded in 1967, the Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that serves Vermont’s municipal governments. The League provides:

  • Educational workshops and consulting advice for municipal officials so that they can deliver excellent service to their citizens
  • Information for the public so that it can better understand local government
  • Support for legislation that strengthens local government
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for municipalities
  • A Municipal Assistance Center for consultation on a wide range of municipal issues

Click either of the links below to download the 2020 VLCT Member Overview to use in your Town Meeting annual report.

We Believe In

  • The critical role that local government plays in the lives of Vermonters
  • Municipal authority over municipal issues
  • Representative and participatory local government
  • The value of collaboration as a means of strengthening cities and towns
  • The value of public service and excellence in municipal leadership
  • A commitment to honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standards among public officials
  • The individuality of each local government

Who We Are

VLCT is owned by its member municipal governments. A thirteen-member Board of Directors is elected to represent the general membership and govern the organization. Board members must serve as a selectperson, mayor, manager or clerk in a member municipality and all VLCT member officials are welcome to attend Board meetings.

An Executive Director, appointed by the Board, manages the League’s day-to-day operations, including the delivery of the following services to League members:


Speaking with one voice on behalf of many Vermont municipalities, VLCT educates state and federal officials about the impact of their actions on local governments and informs them of municipal needs. During the fall prior to the start of a new legislative biennium, VLCT members set the League's legislative priorities for the biennium when they adopt the VLCT Municipal Policy during the League’s Annual Meeting. During the legislative session, the Board of Directors also provides guidance on legislative issues as they evolve at the State House. At the federal level, VLCT represents Vermont municipal interests in Congress and federal agencies through its membership in the National League of Cities and its work with Vermont's congressional delegation.

Municipal Assistance Center

VLCT MAC provides legal, consulting, and education services. Staff at the Center field telephone inquiries from municipal officials, maintain a clearinghouse of model ordinances and bylaws, and sponsor workshops on current issues affecting local government. The MAC team is also available to contract with municipalities for individualized assistance in the areas of  legal review and drafting of documents, meeting facilitation and retreats, personnel searches, management audits, and customized training on topics of the municipality’s choice.

Risk Management Services

VLCT’s two non-profit, member-owned risk sharing trusts are governed by separate boards of directors and are operated by the League’s Risk Management Services department (RMS). A full range of products and related services has been developed specifically for Vermont's cities and towns and is priced to provide members the best long-term value. The VLCT Employment Resource and Benefits Trust, Inc. (VERB) operates the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program, the longest serving VLCT insurance program (founded in 1978), providing members with stable UI costs and automatic claims administration services. The VLCT Property and Casualty Intermunicipal Fund (PACIF), established in 1986, provides broad coverage – including workers’ compensation, property, automobile, crime, general liability, public officials’ liability, law enforcement liability, and employment practices liability – in one convenient package. PACIF also offers members an array of no-additional-fee risk management and best practices support.


VLCT offers handbooks written specifically for local officials who want a “plain English” guide to complex state and federal laws. The League also publishes informational posters, surveys, and an annual calendar of important municipal dates. The monthly VLCT News contains articles on a plethora of municipal issues. During the legislative session, VLCT publishes the Weekly Legislative Report to keep officials abreast of legislative developments. The annual Legislative Wrap-up summarizes new laws of interest to municipal officials.

Town Fair

VLCT holds a large networking and training event for members – in conjunction with its annual business meeting – usually in late September or early October. At the meeting, the VLCT membership elects its officers and Board of Directors for the following year and adopts legislative priorities for the biennium. Town Fair typically attracts more than 500 attendees due to a wide variety of training opportunities and the displays of many vendors that provide an array of services to municipalities in Vermont.

Other Services

In addition, VLCT offers a variety of employee benefits at group rates, backed by the extensive experience of VLCT staff and knowledgeable consultants. VLCT also issues an Annual Report in late winter or early spring following the completion of an annual financial audit.