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The Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that was founded in 1967 with the mission of serving and strengthing Vermont local government. The League provides:

  • Educational workshops and consulting advice for municipal officials so that they can deliver excellent service to their citizens
  • Information for the public so that it can better understand local government
  • Support for legislation that strengthens local government
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for municipalities
  • A Municipal Assistance Center for consultation on a wide range of municipal issues

VLCT is owned by its member municipal governments. A thirteen-member Board of Directors is elected to represent the general membership and govern the organization. Board members must serve as a selectperson, mayor, manager, or clerk in a member municipality. All VLCT member officials are welcome to attend Board meetings. An Executive Director, appointed by the Board, manages the League’s day-to-day operations in assisting members through the five major areas of service described at the bottom of this page. VLCT also offers a variety of employee benefits at group rates and issues an Annual Report in late winter or early spring following the completion of an annual financial audit.

VLCT believes in

  • The critical role that local government plays in the lives of Vermonters
  • Municipal authority over municipal issues
  • Representative and participatory local government
  • The value of collaboration as a means of strengthening cities and towns
  • The value of public service and excellence in municipal leadership
  • A commitment to honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standards among public officials
  • The individuality of each local government

The 2021 VLCT Member Guide helps members understand all the benefits of VLCT membership. The 2020 VLCT Member Overview explains VLCT to taxpayers and is available in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats so members can easily include it in their annual Town Report.