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Municipal Assistance Center
Milly Archer
Water Resources Coordinator
Garrett Baxter
Senior Staff Attorney
Abby Friedman
Director, Municipal Assistance Center
Heather Law
Municipal Research and Information Associate
Jill Muhr
Human Resources Consultant
Communications and Marketing
Theresa Bachand
Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Allyson Barrieau
Sr. Communications Associate
Membership Coordinator
Lisa Goodell
Conference Coordinator
David Gunn
Senior Communications and Administrative Associate
Ione Minot
Marketing Specialist
802-229-9111 ext. 1913
Dean Mudgett
Director, Communications and Marketing
Senior Producation Specialist
Public Policy and Advocacy
Director, Public Policy and Advocacy
Gwynn Zakov
Municipal Policy Advocate
Risk Management Services
Unemployment Insurance Underwriter and Health Benefit Programs Administrator
Gail Barrett
Clerical Assistant, Risk Managment Services
Joe Damiata
Director, Risk Management Services
Adam Davis
Administrative Assistant, RMS
Dave Sichel
Deputy Director, Risk Managment Services

Claims Division

Trisha Clark
Senior Administrative Assistant, Claims
Terri Crawford
Senior Claims Specialist
Tonia Emmons
Claims Representative
Stephanie Fluery
Claims Representative
Peggy Gates
Manager, Workers' Compensation Claims
Kelly Kindestin
Manager, Property and Casualty Claims
Peggy Tucker
Manager, Workers' Compensation Claims
Susan Ward
Senior Claims Representative
Senior Claims Representative

Member Relations Division

Larry Smith
Manager, Member Relations

Safety and Health Promotion Division

Jim Carrien
Loss Control Consultant
Heidi Joyce
Senior Loss Control Wellness Consultant
Wade Masure
Senior Loss Control Consultant
Fred Satink
Manager, Underwriting, Safety & Health...
Jeffery Theis
Senior Loss Control Consultant

Underwriting Division

Associate Underwriter
Pam Fecteau
Senior Underwriter
Denise Ricker
Underwriting Assistant
Jeremiah Breer
Deputy Chief Financial Officer for the Trusts
Mike Gilbar
Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Director
Human Resources
Jessica Hill
Director, Human Resources
Information Technology
Jim Burke
Director, Information Technology
Claire Millette
Document and Database Systems Administrator