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VLCT 2019-2020 Municipal Priorities

Local governments – which are smaller and more nimble than state or federal governments – take the lead in innovative governance practices, from banning plastic bags to implementing community policing and encouraging right-sized economic growth that builds on community strengths. In Vermont, municipalities are historically limited in their ability to innovate. In the 21st Century, cities and towns need the authority, flexibility, and funding to meet today’s challenges.

VLCT supports:

  • decision-making at the local level that recognizes the capacity of local officials and voters to govern themselves on issues of local import, including streamlined adoption and full implementation of municipal charters
  • general statutory authority to adopt local option taxes
  • programs and initiatives that spur locally driven, right-sized economic growth, especially programs that provide infrastructure improvements to support that growth

VLCT opposes all unfunded mandates, cost-shifts to local governments, pre-emption of municipal programs, and regulatory overreach. We support full reimbursement of costs for any mandated program and the preparation of fiscal impact statements that show any potential shift in cost prior to action taken by the legislature or administration.

You can read the full 2019-2020 VLCT Municipal Policy here.