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What is an "Applicant Briefing"?

As soon as possible following the President’s declaration, the Recipient (VEM) conducts briefings for all potential Applicants (local government entities and certain private non-profits [PNPs]). The Recipient (VEM) is responsible for notifying potential Applicants of the date, time, and location of the Applicant Briefing. FEMA attends the Applicant Briefing to support the Recipient (VEM). During these briefings, the Recipient (VEM) provides high-level information regarding the PA Program, such as:

  • Overview of the PA Program delivery process (e.g., PA Grants Portal, application procedures);
  • Program deadlines;
  • General eligibility criteria;
  • Project funding;
  • Hazard mitigation;
  • Alternative Procedures;
  • Compliance requirements (procurement, EHP, and insurance); and
  • Administrative requirements, including documentation and recordkeeping.

To obtain maximum benefit from the information presented at the briefing, a potential Applicant should send representatives from its management, emergency response, public works, and finance department and designate a primary point of contact to interact with the Recipient and FEMA.

Source: PAPPG, V4, page 36