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What does Public Assistance cover?

Emergency work and the repair or replacement of disaster-damaged facilities, which MAY* include the following Categories:

A - Debris removal

B - Emergency protective measures

C – Roads and bridges

D – Water control facilities

E – Public Buildings and equipment

F – Public Utilities

G – Parks, recreational and other facilities

Z - Administrative cost

Categories A (debris removal) and B (emergency protective measures – must be completed within 6 months) may be authorized under an emergency declaration. Categories C-G (permanent work – must be completed within 18 months) are authorized under a major disaster declaration. 

(Source: FEMA – How a Disaster Gets Declared, scroll to the section: “ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE UNDER MAJOR DISASTER DECLARATIONS”)


*Currently authorized categories for reimbursement and the associated Designated Areas can be found on FEMA's Vermont Severe Storms and Flooding - DR-4720-VT webpage. Be sure to click on the "PDF of Map" button rather than rely on the graphic visible on the site. The visible graphic does not portray the full extent of the declaration. Please be advised the authorized categories may change as FEMA continues to conduct preliminary damage assessments.