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What types of entities are considered "Local Governments"?

The following types of local governments are eligible Applicants:

  • Counties;
  • Municipalities, cities, towns, ;
  • Local public authorities;
  • School districts;
  • Intrastate districts;
  • Councils of governments (regardless of whether incorporated as nonprofit corporations under State law);
  • Regional and interstate government entities;
  • Agencies or instrumentalities of local governments;
  • State recognized Tribes; and
  • Special districts established under State law.

Community Development Districts are special districts that finance, plan, establish, acquire, construct or reconstruct, operate, and maintain systems, facilities, and basic infrastructure within their respective jurisdictions. To be eligible, a Community Development District must own and be legally responsible for maintenance, and operation of an eligible facility that is open to and serves the general public.

The State or a political subdivision of the State may submit applications on behalf of rural communities, unincorporated towns or villages, and other public entities not listed above. 

Source:  FEMA PAPPG V4, pages 42