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Legislative Reports

Each Friday during the legislative session VLCT Advocacy publishes a Weekly Legislative Report and archives it here for the duration of the biennium. PDF files of previous legislative sessions are available by contacting VLCT Advocacy.

Please also visit our two new session-long lists of municipally relevant bills introduced in the House and in the Senate. We'll update them each Friday to help you follow bills as they wend their ways through the State House committees. These two webpages are in addition to the New Bills tables in our Weekly Legislative Reports.

Please Contact Your Representatives about the Housing Bill

Contact your representatives this weekend and early next week and urge them to support the amendment to the housing bill (S.100) proposed by the Rural Caucus. The amendment from the caucus

The State House is entering the last few innings of the legislative session, and things are getting a bit unpredictable – particularly for a legislative session with the largest percentage of new members in memory. At this point, legislators are

Concerning the Appropriations Bill (H.494), of particular interest to local governments is the discussion about revolving loan funds for water infrastructure funding and pollution control. This is intertwined with the need to allocate matching funds

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If you have additional questions relating to ordinances and policies or would like a technical review of your municipality’s proposed ordinance or policy, click here: 

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