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Loss Control Consultation

Loss Control the PACIF Way

The PACIF Loss Control team uses their extensive knowledge of municipal operations and risk management practices to help members reduce their potential for workplace injuries, injuries or damages to third parties, and property damage. They accomplish this with a range of techniques that includes meetings, facility surveys, safety program reviews, trainings, and one-on-one assistance. The goal is to identify potential sources of loss for members and work with them to control or, ideally, eliminate them.

Consultants are given the flexibility to provide the type and scope of services that will have the greatest risk management impact – understanding that member input and participation is critical to success. In the end, we are committed to working closely with each member and providing a level of support that enables them to implement safety and risk management recommendations.

We strive to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all members. To that end, each member has a dedicated Loss Control Consultant who is focused on risk management and safety, and access to our Loss Control Wellness Consultant who is able to help individual employees assess and work toward improving their overall fitness level.

Our Services

  • Safety inspections of municipal facilities with specific written guidance on how to address problem areas
  • Guidance on complying with OSHA/VOSHA regulations
  • Guidance and advice after a VOSHA compliance inspection
  • Individual consultation, particularly with regard to written program development and recommendation implementation (we'll help you with the implementation process)
  • Analysis of historical claims and development of services focused on reducing claims from these sources
  • Assistance in starting and running an effective Safety & Health Committee
  • Detailed guidance on workers' compensation management best practices
  • Ergonomic evaluation of work stations